Thursday, September 28, 2017

Crypto Investing Pro - Who Is Alex Fortin???

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Crypto Investing Pro is an online course on how to start investing in cryptocurrency created by Alex Fortin.

Crypto Investing Pro contains what Alex Fortin has learned from investing in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

About the Creator, Alex Fortin

Now who is Alex Fortin? Is he really an authority on cryptoinvesting?

Alexandre Fortin or Alex Fortin has started multiple Internet businesses, including Teespring Expert, a course on how to start an online t-shirt business with Teespring.

He learned about bitcoin and cryptocurrency after studying every type of investment product there is to achieve financial freedom.

Alex certainly didn't just read some articles on the Internet about crypto investing, but he put his all into it: by creating a podcast called "Business To Freedom" where he interviews millionaire investors, experts and entrepreneurs in the cryptocurrency field.

He has interviewed successful entrepreneurs including Nathan Chan (CEO of Foundr), Zooko Wilcox (CEO of Zcash), Erik Voorhees (serial bitcoin entrepreneur) and Roger Ver (angel investor, early investor in cryptocurrency related startups).

Alex started the podcast not only to share knowledge to others, but also so that he could get a free one-on-one coaching with some of the biggest names in the industry.

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Alex Fortin has also spent years studying, performing research and tracking the cryptocurrency trends. He also experimented by buying into all types of coins.

Since one of Alex's passions is teaching by creating courses, he then decided to share what he has learned by creating a Udemy course called "Ethereum Course For Investors".

 Alex also has a YouTube channel where he talks about cryptocurrency.

Will Crypto Investing Pro make you rich?

Alex already answered "it depends" in the sales page video, but I would say that it won't make you rich. Just like any other course.

However, Crypto Investing Pro is the perfect course if you are new or a beginner to cryptocurrency investing and want to seriously study it in an orderly manner.

As you know, you can find all kinds of information about bitcoin, ethereum, etc on the Internet for free, but it can be very confusing if you don't learn in an orderly manner. That's why courses like Crypto Investing Pro are created.


Crypto Investing Pro is a suitable course for beginners in cryptocurrency to learn from the ground up about the basics, history, and knowledge about cryptocurrency before moving into practical application.

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