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Bitcoin Wealth Aliance - I Know What's Inside!

Bitcoin Wealth Alliance Review

Finally, I've just bought Bitcoin Wealth Alliance by Chris Dunn.

If you are still wondering what's inside the members area of Bitcoin Wealth Alliance, I'm going to reveal it to you.

But first of all, I'm going to be honest here, that I didn't buy Chris Dunn's Bitcoin Wealth Alliance looking for ways to get rich quick with bitcoin. Not at all.

I was just curious, and of course, was interested (and still interested) in learning more about bitcoin investing.

So, here's my review as someone who knows very little about Bitcoin and trading.

Bitcoin Wealth Alliance Review

Is the creator really an expert?

Chris showing a one hundred trillion
Zimbabwe Dollars bill
First of all, Chris Dunn is the creator of Bitcoin Wealth Alliance.
But does he really know what he's talking about?

You bet he does.

I researched Chris Dunn before purchasing this program, and I'm 100% sure that he is really an expert. He is actually a real-life professional stock trader and has been trading since 2001, and he even created "E-mini Trading Academy" in 2008, which is quite successful.

He just got into Bitcoin in 2013 (the first Bitcoin was released in 2009), and after having success in trading it, he created Bitcoin Wealth Alliance to teach others how to make money using bitcoin the right way.

To learn more about Chris, you can go read this article.

Now let's go straight to the most important thing.

What's Inside the Member's Area?

Bitcoin Wealth Alliance is a program that guides you how to make money using bitcoin. It contains video presentations of the creator, Chris Dunn, explaining the basics about bitcoin and how to trade it the right way.

Chris explains everything very clearly, even to those who know nothing about bitcoin and trading. So, there's no need to worry about technical and complicated terms.

In fact, Chris emphasizes that trading bitcoin is easier than any other market he has ever traded, easy enough that a seven year-old could learn this stuff in an afternoon afterschool.

Bitcoin Wealth Alliance basically has three parts:

  • Bitcoin basics
  • Bitcoin trading foundation
  • Bonus videos

Part I: Bitcoin Basics

In this part, Chris explains about the basics of bitcoin before you start trading.

It contains 10 videos: the welcome video, "Bitcoin Explained for Beginners", "Bitcoin Wallets", "Coinbase Tutorial", "Bitcoin Exchanges", "How to Make Money Trading Bitcoin", "Bitcoin ATMs", "When to Invest in Bitcoin", "Alt Coin Exchanges", and "Risks of Bitcoin".

Part II: Bitcoin Trading Foundation

After learning about Bitcoin basics, now it's time to learn about Bitcoin trading foundation.

In this part of the Bitcoin Wealth Alliance Course, Chris Dunn shows you how to read Bitcoin charts, Bitcoin candlestick patterns, TradingView tutorial, how to short Bitcoin with Bitfinex, 2 trade types, bitcoin trading webinar, bitcoin trading video, how to find high probability entry areas, how to manage your time when trading, and how to time your entries.

Part III: Bonus

Part III contains two video modules about how to accept bitcoin and whether you should invest in alt coins or not.

Are the Bitcoin Wealth Alliance Modules Enough to Help You Start Trading?

Honestly, the Bitcoin Wealth Alliance membership alone is enough to help you start trading. It is a great investment in learning what you need to know, and is completely designed to help you trade on your own.

However, if you want to go one BIG step further, it is highly recommended to take the upgrade, which is Bitcoin Trading Mastery.

Bitcoin Trading Mastery

What is Bitcoin Trading Mastery?

Basically, Bitcoin Trading Mastery is a graduate-level course where Chris and his team will help you take the foundation you learn from Bitcoin Wealth Alliance and build a skyscraper right on top of it.

In Bitcoin Trading Mastery, Chris will also give you killer techniques and tactics used by super successful traders.

Insider's Club

For you who want to know all of Chris Dunn's real-time trade alerts as they happen, you should also take the other upgrade, which is the Insider's Club.

Bitcoin Wealth Alliance is great, but isn't it better to have an expert looking over your shoulder?

With the Insider's Club, you are going to hear every time Chris sees a high profit potential opportunity. So, there's no more waiting or wondering if now is the time to buy in, or if you need to be cautious and wait it out as you're learning it all.


What Bitcoin Wealth Alliance is:

A video course designed to help you start making money trading bitcoin the right way. Starting out in trading bitcoin is much easier than trading stocks, so virtually anyone can do it. However, there will be risks of losing money trading, so in this program Chris Dunn states clearly that you only invest in what you are able to lose.

However, if you want to seriously master the art of bitcoin trading, you should take the upgrades: Bitcoin Wealth Mastery and / or the Insider's Club.

What Bitcoin Wealth Alliance is not:

A program with a guarantee that you can get rich quick with bitcoin. Chris Dunn also DOES NOT sell any magic software or robot that can automatically work for you. In fact, he does not recommend using trading robots because 99.99% of them are scams.


Still not sure about this course?

Take a look at some of the modules for free here!
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